About Stephanie Moore February 6, 2020

We're focused on filling an unmet need within the community.

Why we're doing it

In an effort to create a ‘forever’ home, The Neighborhood or Maryland is comprised of a group of local neurodiverse parents looking to resolve one of the many challenges facing their adult children – Adequate Housing


Over the next five years, 500,000 children on the autism spectrum in the United States, will transition to adulthood.


Those with multiple medical issues are less likely to receive support beyond the age of 21. 


6.14 million adults with autism receive no residential support. 872K individuals live with caregivers aged 60 and over.  

Housing for adults with autism/special needs
It is our mission to create an intentional community which embraces neurodiversity and provides a lifelong home for people of all abilities.

Our focus is on giving residents a life without limitations that offers safety, security, choice, purpose, belonging, friendship, and fulfillment.

The Community Design

Our intentional community will offer home ownership opportunities within a safe, active, and inclusive neighborhood.

The current plan envisions a master-planned neighborhood of 25+/- cottage style, for-sale homes with architectural harmony and appeal.

A limited number of floor plans (app. 3) of cottage style 2 and 3 bedrooms will be offered. The homes will be condominium ownership with professional property management.

The neighborhood will include common amenities geared toward its inhabitants, i.e., clubhouse, playground, open areas, fencing, sensory-friendly spots, and/or garden plot.

Recreation opportunities will be provided and may be open to the larger community.

It takes a village to create a community.

Our mission is possible thanks to the donors, partners, and advocates who share our ideals and support our vision to turn a dream into a reality.