Dara Baylinson theneighborhoodmd October 17, 2023

Dara Baylinson


Dara Baylinson considers her role as Mom to be the most important job of her life.  She has two children, Zoe and Gordy.  Gordy is a non-speaking autistic who learned to type to communicate when he was 15 years old. In addition to being a Mom, Dara has worked as a school counselor in Fairfax County Public Schools and she has worked at two local non-profits, National Alliance on Mental Illness Montgomery County and KEEN Greater DC. Dara received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Florida and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from George Washington University.

Dara lives in Potomac, MD with her husband of 25 years, Evan, and their two children. In her free time, Dara enjoys kayaking, biking and reading.

Dara is committed to building a safe and inclusive community with many opportunities for socialization and building independence skills for Gordy and his peers.